Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cold. Damn cold.

It's been a warm winter but it's still cold enough in the shop to make your life miserable. OK, lately it's kate's life that's been miserable, frostbite-wise. We've had some sales through our Web site and some people from my day job, which means that we've needed to produce some cards rather quickly. Which means it's best if I fill out the paperwork and packaging, and let her make with the actual products.
But, first of all -- sales - that's exciting, eh? A couple strangers actually found our Web site, too, which restored some of my faith in my Google ad.

In order to help, I've taken a whack at heating the barn. We have a standard kerosene heater that should be plenty. But unless you're standing right next to it, it doesn't do much good. It's about as useful as a candle right now. It's not radiating or convecting, or making it any more comfortable to be out in the shop. And a cold press means that the plates won't stick to the aluminum base, which means we (kate) have (has) to bring the base inside to warm it up, then go back out and use it, and then bring it inside when it gets chilly again.

I've heard the word "motherfucker" around the house a lot lately.

I'm going to try nailing up some insulating panels between the studs.

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