Monday, January 15, 2007

But we couldn't have done it alone.

Not to toot the ol' horn, but we've come a long way in this little endeavor. Confession time: we had help. Lots and lots of help. So let's give a little credit, shall we?

  • Briar Press. This online directory/classified/museum/discussion is the best place to start out for anyone dumb enough to want to break into letterpress. You know, like us.

  • Letterpress Things. Okay, so his website's a little minimalist, but this is the place to go in the Northeast if you need letterpress equipment. The owner, John, is a bit... old school... but he's a nice, kind-hearted guy who loves to show newbies around.

  • Letpress listserv. The great thing about this listserv is that the archives are searchable, so you get the benefit of ten years of grizzled old letterpress printers' arguments and wisdom without actually having to slog through fifty emails a day. Also, sometimes they give away free things.

  • Five and a half. This excellent blog is not specific to letterpress, but covers many issues that independent letterpress printers deal with. Also a great place to see what other folks are doing, to keep an eye on the competition.

  • Five Roses Press. A great, comprehensive introduction to letterpress printing. Enough said.

  • Boxcar Press. Okay, just because we LOVE their base and platemaking system doesn't mean we can't be objective. Also, they have a bunch of old manuals and parts lists scanned as pdfs. Check these guys out.

  • NA Graphics. They have just about anything you could possibly need to start printing, aside from the actual press. Also, look at the cute widdle puddy cat. Awww!

Okay, enough. I don't want to give away all of our secrets. I mean, be fair, we DO rule.

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