Monday, July 2, 2007

I have a new hobby

....It is staring at the barn. I put two coats of paint on it yesterday afternoon, and finally, finally, finally covered up the dark spots of primer that was thinly covering the bare wood.

It looks clean now, and consistently white.


While I did that, Kate finished up a set of invitations for a client in the Chicago area. They look great (naturally). We're going to start work on a couple save-the-date card projects after this.

Things are finally slowing down a little, and Kate says she's going to use the down time to design some baby announcements and greeting cards. I'm going to vote for doing some personal calling cards, as well. Very classy, eh? Eh?

Oh, I tried to take some pictures of the painted barn but I only have a cell phone camera and nothing turned out very well. So I'll include a picture of Roger, instead. He's our golden/lab mix who was recently shaved for the summer. He has a golden retriever's thick coat so 90 degree days are real misery for him. He looks...let's just say "distinguished." But trust me, he's a much happier guy.

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