Sunday, July 1, 2007


That's right, I said "crankin'" as in, we're so busy and cool and edgy that we don't have time to type the final "g."

Kate is in the pressroom today crankin' out some weddin' invitations. Yesterday she spent a few hours matchin' a light blue color that came out perfectly on the glass palette, but was turnin' up a little green on the paper.

Her theory? Maybe the white paper has a little bit of yellow in it. I don't know, sounded clever to me. She finally got the color right and now she's printin' like greased lightnin'.

I'm wanderin' around the house, meanwhile, noticin' there is so much crud to do that maybe it would be better if I just curled up under this table with the dogs and later had a sandwich.

I think I'll actually just put some paint on the front of the barn. It's looked pretty crappy since we scraped and primed it two years ago, but, um...never bothered coverin' up the primer with a final coat of paint. Hey, it happens. We've been busy. Workin'. Y'know?

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