Friday, April 6, 2007

We're on The Knot. I need to calm down.

We bought an ad on, hoping we'd pick up some steam in the New York City market.

It's been two weeks and we haven't heard a peep yet. We've tracked dozens of hits on our Web site, but the only invitation orders we've received have been from our Google ads (thanks, customers!)

I mentioned this to my friendly The Knot representative, who reminded me that it's only been two weeks. I'll thank her for not adding the word "jackass" to her response.

But suddenly I am empathizing with all those jumpy, impatient businesspeople I've dealt with over the years at my day job who couldn't get me to write about their dumb little ventures fast enough.

"Uh, yes...we ARE the leading supplier of dog-wig solutions in the tri-county area, so we think a front-page story would be appropriate. Can we get that in tomorrow?"

Wow, did those calls irk me. And I always sort of understood that they are just looking out for their business. But now I understand, in italics, no less...

When you put everything you have into a business -- your free time, your credit limit and most of your cash -- you quickly lose patience. I want results, dammit! Bring to me wealthy wedding planners. This I command!

Of course, it would be foolish to actually say things like that. Good thing no one reads this. Also, I was kidding earlier about my day job. I actually work here.


tstiggerrr said...

Hi - fellow journalist/idiot here....
1. the link to your own damn web site from your own damn blog doesn't work!
2. when you say tracking people off your web site, that means you probably know that google analytics is free and offers all kinds of cool info
3. it's totally OK to be an ass with someone you paid to advertise your business!!!! My response to it's only been 2 weeks would be, "Right and that's exactly why I would have expected some bounce-back from the X dollars I spent for advertising. I can't believe that you'd expect repeat business when you don't even bother to give my business a link from your home page. Beyond that, and by the way I'm going to want to speak with your supervisor, how dare you trivialize my concerns when there are literally dozens of entities that offer similar services."......that's just off the top of my head :)

Dan said...

Hey, yeah... maybe you're right...

But on the other hand, what would that get me? On the one hand, I want the business to be served...on the other hand, I fear making a nuisance of myself will have negative dividends...what's your experience?

Anyhoooo, we're booking business regardless, so it will only get better. Right? Right???

Kevin said...

I don't think of you guys as a small printing business. I prefer to think of you as the "leading barn-based letterpress printing solutions providers in Tech Valley."

Let someone try to say otherwise.