Saturday, May 26, 2007

A month (!)

Last post, April 22. Yeah, see I keep meaning to be more conscientious about that. But what's Kate's problem? She can post to this thing too, and as I have grudgingly admitted in the past, she is funnier than me.

So it's been a busy month.

We've filled one invitation order and are at work on two more, and we've just started getting inquiries for fall and spring weddings.

We've also continued working with Trampoline Design, a very cool firm right here in Glens Falls.

This weekend it's adjusting the platen on our C&P Old Style, and then printing, assuming we don't break the press. Coming up: a thrilling tale of how we moved the press from a rickety platform to more solid footing. And by "we" I mean Kate and her dad. I got a free pass on that one because I went to a wedding in bear country.

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